UIL Solo & Ensemble

O’Connor UIL Solo & Ensemble Guidelines 

  1. Dress nice…suggest semi-formal if performing a solo! Appearance is just as important as excellent playing. We strongly suggest you do not wear jeans if performing a solo. Suggest you just come dressed nicer to school or change after or before your large ensemble class performance if there is time.
  2. WARM UP will be in WW HALL after Brass performances and then for the rest of the contest. Leave all your personal stuff in there. DO NOT play in hallways at any time.
  3. BE AT YOUR ROOM 15 minutes before your scheduled time. We want you ready to go in so the contest runs on time! We have set an order but if we can get you in sooner the better!
  4. Be respectful. We suggest you introduce yourself to the judge and what you are playing…yes sir, yes ma’am goes a long way!
  5. Be prepared: Have your solo to be performed. Look nice. Be warmed up. Tune.
  6. Ask to warm up and tune with pianist or other ensemble members.
  7. Try not to count out loud…see if you can start by body gesture or cue from pianist.
  8. When you are finished…thank the judge for listening. Exit the room quietly and professionally. SAVE YOUR COMMENTS, elation or disappointment for the parking lotJ
  9. The judge will keep your scores and comment sheets…we will post them ASAP.
  10. We suggest you pick up copy of comments and original score once posted.
  11. Wait for breaks in Dierolf Hall to put away your instruments.
  13. Enjoy making music. There are so many horrible things in our world. You have the chance to perform music with friends and peers. Don’t ever forget making great music and working hard on a project as a team and individual is what this is all about!


Once Schedule is posted…If you are missing from it or have a conflict you must see Mr. S ASAP and realize we will do our best to solve…but there are no guarantees! CHECK THE SCHEDULE and find all your events.