Thank You Parents!


A huge SHOUT OUT to all the food crew, water crew, move crew, and chaperones who helped make yesterday’s meal so successful! It all went very smoothly with everyone coming together! Thank you Sonia, Brenda, Sonja, Mickey, Sandy and all of your volunteers!!

With the late arrival times Saturday night (Sunday morning?!), food and water crews didn’t clean and put everything away. We will be doing that Monday afternoon at 4:30 pm. Everyone is invited to help; if we have many hands, it won’t take very long. We will be cleaning coolers, putting food away, and finishing unloading the trailers. There is something for everyone to do and if you’ve never joined any of the crews, now would be a short term way to be involved with your student.

Thank you again to all the volunteers who supported our band yesterday!

Marcia Wilson