O’Connor Jazz Has Outstanding Weekend

The O’Connor Jazz I, Combo and Jazz II performed at the Hill Country Jazz Festival at Texas State University and the South Texas Jazz Festival at Brandeis HS on Saturday.
O’Connor Jazz I & Combo earned Outstanding & Superior Performance honors from all the judges. The judges also selected 31 of our students as Outstanding soloists of the festivals (sample certificate each student received attached)!!
Texas State Honored:
Jazz 2:
Caitlyn Lockwood (sax); Matthew Gardner (Bar); Ross Christenen (sax); Devin Finley (set); Sangat Singh (set);
Tyler Bryand (sax)
Jazz I:
Brendan Frederick (sax); Ruben Martinez (guitar); Emma Berrigan (set); Steven Nguy (sax)
South Texas Jazz Honored:
Jazz 2
Michael Castillo (guitar); Devin Finley (set) Sangat Singh (set); Matthew Gardner (Bar); Caitlyn Lockwood (sax)
Brendan Frederick (sax); Noah Taylor (tr); Jacob Yanez (sax); Tyler Bryand (sax); Brennan  Wingenter (tb); Michael Sevilla (piano); Ruben Martinez (guitar)
Jazz I:
The SAXOPHONE SECTION; Brendan Frederick (sax); Tyler Bryand (sax); Brennan Wingenter (tb); AB Flores (sax); Michael Sevilla (piano); Ruben Martinez (guitar); Emma Berrigan (Set); Chidy Odita-Honnah
Congrats to these OC Jazz Students and ensembles!

Sample TSU Certificate

STJF AwardSTJF Sample Certificate