Marching Band Important Information

Marching Band Important Information

Who do I contact for band information? You may contact our Band Booster President on the website or call the band directors @ 286-5352 (EMAIL ALWAYS BEST WAY TO REACH DIRECTORS). Our website has loads of information and you may check it at The information changes when there are special events and news for our parents. Now we also have CHARMS to manage individual student needs.

When is Summer Band? Begins Wednesday, July 26th at 8:00 a.m. Pick-up time is 12:00 noon. Summer Band Camp continues (with breaks specified by the Band Directors) until school starts. Don’t forget the one afternoon sectional/master class on schedule.

What time is morning practice? During Summer Band Camp, morning practice starts at 8:00 a.m. Once school starts, your child will need to be at school by 7:00 a.m. and on the practice field by 7:15 a.m.. Practice ends at 8:25 a.m.
What about Guard? The guard is an integral part of the band and practices with the band during morning practices and has a sectional during the week for two hours. Mr. Darryl Pemberton, our guard instructor will announce the day and time. He will provide contact info.

When are sectionals? Sectionals are once a week after school during marching season. Days and times are different for each section. The leadership team and the directors will set the days and times and let students in each section know. M-WW; T-BR & Guard; W-Perc. (4:30-5:45pm). Guard (4:30-6:30).

What about Band uniforms? The part of the uniform that Band parents purchase consists of and OHS Band casual shirt & shorts, marching shoes, and black socks (at least 4 pairs, please). The shirt and shoes will be ordered during Summer Band. **Please put your child’s name on their shirt and shorts and in their shoes. Everyone’s stuff looks the same.**

The band shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes are your child’s responsibility. Please make sure the shirts, shorts, and socks are washed each week. The rest of the uniform is provided by the school and consists of a hat, jumper, and jacket. This part of the uniform stays at school. Your child’s OHS band shirt, OHS shorts, and their black socks and shoes are worn with their uniform. There is a NISD uniform cleaning fee of $25. Band Fair Share Fee is $360.

What about Guard uniforms? The Guard uniform consists of a wind-suit, O’Connor Guard T-shirt, tan jazz shoes, and gloves with the approximate cost is covered in Guard Handbook. The cost of the marching show costume changes every year. Each member of guard will receive a list of their expenses in July.

Hair or accessory requirements? Mr. Pemberton will address year by year.
• Band students Long hair should be worn up in a pony tail, French braid, or bun for marching occasions. Boys with long hair will need to put it up in the same way. Jewelry (except class rings) in not to be worn with the marching uniform.
• Guard students Hair will be worn according to our guard director.
What other supplies are needed? Please check website under marching band for updates.

• Band students need a flip folder (labeled clearly with the student’s name) with extra pages and a lyre to hold it, unless their instrument doesn’t require one. All may be purchased in stores such as Hillje Music or High School Music.


Parents’ Guide to Competition

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