Incoming Students

Welcome to The Panther Band

We proudly welcome you into the O’Connor Panther Marching Band. This is  going to be very exciting year. As a new member we would like to take this opportunity to inform you about some basics of our band program which we call the three B’s !

Be On Time

Attendance in classes and practices are very important especially for a new member. The extra hours of practice help build fundamentals that are needed to help qualify for a varsity position.

Be Prepared

Band Camp can be very fun but only if you are prepared for the summer weather and marching outside. We do not allow flip flops! Please, wear the proper tennis shoes and comfortable clothing  to march in. Also, there is the snack stand that is run by the band boosters called the “Porch Café.”  During the short breaks, you are allowed to purchase water bottles, Gatorade and other snacks. If you would like to purchase any snack or  beverage during the break, please bring a few dollars with you.

 Big Brother and Big Sister Program*********

As a freshman, we understand that everything is brand new to you and  sometimes it can be challenging to adapt. Instead of facing your freshman year alone, the band has a program called “Big Brother and Big Sister Program”. Each year a freshman is assigned an upper classmen who helps guide and give you expert advice to help make your freshman marching year the most successful. The program is fun and includes cool activities like trading spirit gifts before football games! The important part of this program is to have someone to help make your high school transition easier and give a bonding experience that creates countless memories. If you are interested in joining, the sign up dates will take place on the second week of band camp (August 1-5)