Duncanville Invitational and Friday Football Important Update

We just received the following from Duncanville at 11:45 am:


Thank you for your patience and kind emails over the past several days.

With a lot of thought and consideration for all, we have decided it is best to cancel the 2015 Duncanville Marching Invitational. The safety of the kids, parents, volunteers and directors is our number one priority. We can’t predict the weather, however every forecast has the entire weekend for much of Texas not looking good. We have bands, patrons and adjudicators traveling from every corner of Texas and beyond.

We sincerely hope this does not cause too much trouble with your plans but again we are looking out for the best interest of the kids and adults involved.)

From our Director:

The OC Band staff had already made the decision to withdrawal at 10 am this morning. So in the end the best decision for safety for all was made on both sides. I know our kids and staff are disappointed as they have worked hard for such a great showcase and arena for marching band. So to clarify the DMI was officially cancelled by the Duncanville Band Boosters.


  1. Plan A is to travel like normal in uniform weather permitting
  2. Plan B is likely going to take place: We will wear BLUE JEANS/BLACK BAND SHOES AND BAND SHIRT if it is raining and we can attend the game. The students also need their PONCHOS!!
  3. Plan C is we will not attend game due to weather: This call will be made by both administrations prior to departure. This is not a band director decision…it is administrative.
  4. Plan D is we go to game weather permitting but may get sent home if weather gets bad.

Either way….we will do our best to communicate through students cell phones, Twitter and the website. Please be flexible and understanding.

Thank you!!!