Disney Trip Meeting Information

We will have a Disney meeting at our Band Booster Meeting Tuesday April 12 at 7 pm. The meeting is to answer any last questions you have based on the information provided here. Unfortunately the auditorium got double booked and we will need to meet in Dierolf Hall. We cannot reschedule. As a direct result I ask that if you do have questions please just send one adult representative so we can have enough seats. The Travel Company representative will be at the meeting to answer any questions you have. Take a look at the information provided. If your child traveled with us to New York it is the exact same procedure and website. It is very user friendly! You do not need to attend the meeting to start payments and sign ups. We will have a fall meeting that will be mandatory to cover specific details. The main detail is to not miss that initial deposit and start payments. Take a look at all the trip information on this link and if you do want more info see you at Dierolf Hall on Tuesday.

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