New Fundraiser – Spirit Booster

Here is our new Fundraiser – O’Connor Panther apparel from Spirit Booster by Gandy.  This fundraiser will run until September 15th.  It will all be done on a phone app – spirit booster, or online at  The attached document shows what is included in the sale and also directions for setting up the app.
A percentage of all orders entered through your students link will be credited to your students Panther Band Buck account.  

Porch Cafe

Porch Cafe is open as our band gets off to a great start at Band Camp! We’ll have all the treats you see here available for purchase, plus chilled fruit cups (mandarin oranges, peaches, and pears), cold applesauce, Gatorade, and water to cool you off! Parents, feel free to stop by and say “hi”, help serve the students, or buy something for yourself! See you tomorrow!

Chipotle Fundraiser 7-27

Our Chipotle fundraiser is a 3 days away! Come join us at our first Family Spirit Night and meet the OC Band Boosters! Come check out what’s happening this year!

* O’Connor High School Band Boosters
* 07/27/2017
* 5:00pm-9:00pm
* 11411 Bandera Road Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78250

* Make sure that you present the official flyer (hard copy or
on your phone) or tell the cashier at checkout that you are here for a
fundraiser before you pay! If you don’t tell our cashier that you
are there for the fundraiser, your organization won’t get credit for
the sale.

* Gift cards purchased during fundraisers do not count towards total
donated sales, but purchases made with an existing gift card will
* If placing an order online during our fundraiser, please note you
must choose the pay in-store option and inform our cashier of your
participation before paying. This will ensure your order is counted
towards the fundraiser!

Download (PDF, 796KB)

Japanese Konko HS Band performance 7-24

All invited to O’Connor Monday 7-24 to hear the Japanese Konko HS Band and our host kids and leaders…Drumline will be there too. 6pm in the auditorium. It is an informal concert…join us!!! They are amazing…bonus points for 1st 6 weeks also…

OC Jazz Rehearsal

Attn: All OC Jazz members doing clinic Saturday for TBA…Mr. Sandoval would like to meet with you on Tuesday at 10 am to go over logistics and rehearse a few things (so bring your instrument). Spread the word to 2017 seniors returning to help us.

All Leadership team…we will meet at 8 am on Tuesday to go over logistics for TBA Student day and straighten out the Band Hall. We are doing this early due to Japanese visit and performance.