2015 UIL “Sweepstakes” Honors



The O’Connor Bands had amazing performances at UIL Concert & Sightreading this past week. We would like to thank everyone who had the opportunity to attend the performances of these talented young musicians. Thanks to our move crew that helped set the stages. All three concert bands earned straight (SUPERIOR) 1st Division ratings from EVERY judge. Only three band programs in the Region achieved this honor.

We wanted to give you some judge’s highlights for each band:

A3 concert judges: Good job flute & clarinet; good job low voices; great job flute solos; good job clarinet soloist; great low brass; great teaching going on here; keep up the great work; enjoyed your performance; bravo; nice dynamics for big group; good balance; nice job on the musicality; keep it up; nice music making for large group; good job horns; good tones; I enjoyed this; good dynamic contrasts

A3 sightreading judges: This is a really focused group; excellent tempo; your band reads like a concert performance; you’re a marvelous sub non varsity; congratulations; wish I could play in your band; you make music fun; nice overall band sound; I enjoyed your performance; good tonal centers; band reads with a great deal of confidence; great pulse and rhythmic security; congrats to a fine band & directors; impressive to see the parental support in the group & program! Thank your Principal!

A2 concert judges: Big gorgeous tone qualities; wonderful; love the horn sounds; technique in group is exemplary; percussion is very tasty; great attention to dynamics; sensitivity is A+; great ensemble and teachers; INCREDIBLE; I really enjoyed your fine performance today; bravo; finally a band that can play a march; very nice; wonderful job soloist; very talented group; super job of balance and clarity; very well prepared; very musical; good conducting; you have a lot to be proud of; thanks for your attention to detail; way to go

A2 sightreading judges: Fine directions; this selection is very easy for this band; beautiful direction to phrases; outstanding performance; you have been taught well by the O’Connor staff; nice band sound; good woodwind sound; blend was solid; nice musical moments; great instructions; lots of pride and hard work evident; good tonal concept; good pitch center; well taught band; nice musical playing; enjoyed it; congrats to band & directors; great mental energy; I could sense everyone involved doing their best to contribute to a positive end result

A1 concert judges: Beautiful band sounds and balances; very mature tone qualities in ensemble; exemplary vertical alignment of music; such wonderful technicians in band; great soloists throughout; lots of achievement with technique and accuracies today; wow! What an AMAZING BAND; lots of excitement; outstanding balance, style, clarity and mature tone; outstanding whole package; tastefully played; outstanding soloists; truly gifted performers; you have so much to be proud of; thanks for letting me hear you play; I WAS WOWED; you functioned as a great team today; wonderful ensemble & effects; I really enjoyed it; thank you for your hard work; be sure to thank your wonderful directors; keep up all the great things happening at O’Connor!

A1 sightreading judges: Solid band sound; very nice job; many outstanding moments; superior job; lots of energy in your tones; this is an outstanding band; great players in all sections; enjoyed your energetic & confident performance; a totally balanced , in tune and musical sound band; marvelous; outstanding percussion balance; this band is a clinic for others to see; Mr. Sandoval has given you the gift of music that you will use the rest of your life; congratulations; so very musical; one plus; very intense & clear directions by director; very professional demeanor by everyone; I appreciate your “let’s take care of business” attitude; Impressive to see so many parents & supporters in the room!