The O’Connor Band Boosters invite you to nominate the 2015-2016 Booster Officers.

The nomination roles consist of the following: (Roles and responsibilities may be found within the Bylaws located in CHARMS)

  •  President
  • 1st Vice President-Fundraising Chairperson
  • 2nd Vice President-Chaperones/Banquet Chairperson
  • 3rd Vice President-Move Crew
  • 4th Vice President-Guard
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

To be eligible, the nominee must:

  • Be able to serve a term of one service year (June 1 through May 31).
  • Not served more than four years total as a O’Connor band booster officer which includes two consecutive terms in one office.
  • Be current with all financial obligations.

Nominees must complete and email the attached form to the Secretary (Amy Rodriguez) at Secretary@thepantherband.com no later than end of day March 22, 2015.

The Nominating Committee is:

Mickey Ramos – Representing Committees

Robert Vara – Parliamentarian, Representing the Board

Sandy Lockwood – Representing General Membership

Ashley Cabello – Representing General Membership

Theresa Ragsdale – Representing General Membership

Download (PDF, 297KB)